Suicide Mousegee exe

Suicide Mousegee.exe is the arch rival of Suicide Mousegee. He was created when Weegee was cloning Suicide Mousegee, but a hair from Sawneek.exe fell into the vat, and our came Suicide Mousegee.exe. He was later killed by EVIL PATRIXXX for being based on a creepypasta (now a trollpasta) that got insulted a lot. He was later revived by Lolskellitons, however. He was also killed by MamaLuigi22, but he was revived by Lolskellitons.

Powers: Edit

  • All of Sawneek.exe, Sonic.exe, and Sanic.exe's powers
  • He is a Trollpasta Weegee

    His corpse

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