Suicide Mousegee was made when Weegee went into a cloning machine which had a Suicide Mouse tape after the first day he was made and pressed clone. He also made a cameo in The Rise of Sqeegee 8.

Suicide Mousegee can also make people/Weegees commit suicide.

The encounter with Protein Man

One day Suicide Mousegee was talking with Dolan, when this idiot named Protein Man came and starting screeching and running around in circles, and also said he was 20% cooler than Dolan, so Suicide Mousegee just shot him and he died. Suicide Mousegee later became a hero for doing that.


  • Giraffgee
  • Pickleodeon
  • Swagamon
  • Angreegee
  • Protein Man aka Autism Man


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