Freegee is a friend of Suicide Mousegee and Dolan. He hates Spongebob and has a rivalry with Moar Krabs.


  • Weegee
  • Suicide Mousegee 
  • Dolan
  • MamaLuigi22
  • Nanite
Freegee (1)


Toon Freegee

His toon form


  • ​The Anti Mario Fad Alliance
  • SanicGee
  • Spongebob Squarepants 
  • Moar Krabs
  • Bitlips Dolan
  • Molan
  • Cuzin Dohlan
  • Angreegee

What he is 

  • a Weegee
  • a member of the E.S.D.W
  • a fakegee
  • a Weegee helper

What he isn't 

  • an Anti-Weegee
  • a recolor
  • a brony
  • a troll


  • Freegee has no clones or relatives; his origin is unknown.
  • Why Freegee hates Spongebob is also unknown, but it is theorized he also has a rivalry with him.
  • Freegee's favorite foods are pizza and spaghetti.


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