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Sqeegee is back!! And much more evil than ever!!! Even the Sqeegee stare is more Epic now, can Weegee even stop him? Meanwhile Xuigee makes his arrival to Bikini Bottom. Xeegee then teleports there because he senses a Super Weegee, Xuigee. Sqeegee is then at the Krusty Krab, but he sees Suteegee there and he reminds him of Weegee, he then tries to punch Suteegee, but it fails and Suteegee uses a giant laser attack on Sqeegee and hits him with a pan afterwards! Meanwhile Xeegee says Xuigee must die, so the 2 Weegees then fought, but it had no effect. Then after their ultimate attacks, standing in front of them was Spongee! Meanwhile, again... Sqeegee sensed Mr, Krabs nearby and teleported to where he was, and then he used the Sqeegee stare on him. After that, Suteegee had returned and attempted to attack Sqeegee, but he used the Sqeegee stare on him. Suteegee had only 2 seconds before he exploded in the stare, but then Muneegee attacked Sqeegee while he was off guard, cancelling out the stare. Suteegee and Sqeegee fought, then They smashed each other's fist knocking Sqeegee to Muneegee so he could kick him away. Sqeegee got kicked to the chum bucket, he saw Weegee, they teleported into another area and fought. Weegee dominated Squeegee but he transformed into Super Sqeegee! Weegee no he couldn't win alone for once when he saw Super Sqeegee. He teleported away. Super Sqeegee used the Super Sqeegee stare on Sandy who was nearby. Spongee jumped to attack Xuigee, but he gave one hard punch and it turned Spongee back into Spongebob, who then ran away. Super Sqeegee teleported to where Xuigee and Xeegee were. He attacked them, then used a technique which turned the sky dark to make him stronger. Xuigee and Xeegee used their best attacks on Sqeegee, but it had no effect. Weegee teleported there and helped them fight Sqeegee. They were becoming too much for Super Sqeegee So he created his ultimate attack to destroy the universe. But Weegee had other plans and jumped into the attack, taking Sqeegee with him. The attack made Super Sqeegee's power deplete, making him Half Sqeegee and half Super Sqeegee: Final Sqeegee. But Weegee had to finish it quick, so he used the ultimate Falcon Punch on Sqeegee! The Sky then went back to normal and the attack exploded, then Weegee teleported back to the ground.

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