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An unreleased Walt Disney short, found in the archives of Walt Disney Pictures. The short is named "Suicide Mouse", was made by Walt Disney in 1931, and should be around nine minutes long, according to the information written on the film print's cover. A large part of it is lost for now, but the first three minutes, which are intact, can be seen in the video uploaded above.

I worked at the Walt Disney Animation Studios for numerous years, before quitting the job a few months ago. During these years, I had made a few visits at the archives of Walt Disney Pictures, usually to gather original copies of some prints and other content needed for e.g. remaster-projects. Many of the original film prints of Disney-movies are stored in this archive, to prevent dust and other things from destroying them.

During one of my more recent visits there, I found the "Suicide Mouse" film print. Since I remembered having read some creepypasta about Suicidemouse before, I watched the short with a film projector used to check the shape of the film prints. Oddly enough, the short was cut off after about three minutes, instead of lasting nine minutes, like the information said. I did not think too much about the short after that visit, and had soon forgotten it, until the end of 2013 when it was leaked on the Internet. The leaked version of the short is the same three minute-version I had seen in the archive, so I guess someone else working at Disney also found the film print there interesting.

Why a part of the film print has been cut off is a mystery, and it is unknown if any other copies of the film print were made or exist in the original nine-minute length to this day. We may never get an answer to this, but what we know is that a screen capture ( of the short has been uploaded to the Internet before the recent leak, dating back to at least year 2009. Maybe this means that the short has been leaked before, possibly in the full length? If you know anything important about this short, of if you think you have found the full length version, please tell me and everyone else in the comment section below! Hopefully this will clear up one day.

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